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The smell of woodsmoke and evergreen will always make her feel safe and protected, but no matter how much she loves Adam, the smell of leather will always comfort her in ways he never can.
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5 Reasons you would never ask your friends for advice.

5. Most of them are biased.
4. I can't trust help me.
3. Most of my friends aren't exactly logic-minded. Most of them.
2. Being in charge means everyone will always try to get me on their side.
1. Maybe I'm getting jaded, but you never know who could be under someone else's power.

4 Things you do with your money.

4. Shop for clothes
3. Buy new crystals
2. Buy books and stationery
1. Go out and have fun with my friends

3 Reasons you should possibly see a shrink.

3. I'm extremely paranoid these days.
2. I'm a witch.
1. My father was an evil witch who tried to kill me.

2 Places you will never forget.

2. Cape Cod
1. Number Thirteen Crowhaven Lane

1 Language you can speak

1. English...mentally. I have this...ability to make people hear me in their heads. Like Black John could.

Cassie Blake
The Secret Circle


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