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Tie a knot in my throat inhale your passive smoke
I hope you didn't mean it
Disguise this love inside of me
I stumble around tomorrow gets me down
I'm living in someone's yesterdays

She loves him more than words, more than breath. He loves her just as much…and yet he looks at her.

She’s not afraid of the looks, she knows he’ll never betray her. It’s not in him to know that he can never forget the one that came before Cassie, and she wouldn’t want him to. Diana doesn’t even realize, not even when she looks right back at him, that they’re caught in the same kind of web Cassie and Adam were in once upon a time, only they’re both too good, to perfect to suffer for it.

So they share a look. It’s a look of love, a look of choice…the look that once cut her to the quick every day she had to see it.

Until she made her own choice.

She’s happy with Adam, well and truly happy, but when she looks at Nick and remembers choosing him she wonders about what could have been…what should have been. She wonders which has more value: the love that was destined or the love that was chosen.

Cassie wasn’t even with Nick long enough to find out if it was love that she’d chosen. Still, she thinks it might have been…Adam’s love is heat and blazing light, but Nick was strength and warmth that sank into her core. He wasn’t her god, he was her knight…still is, steadfast and devoted. For her, he made the ultimate sacrifice and opened himself to her and to others.

He gave up his isolation to be with her. She looks at him now, the way Adam looks at Diana, and wonders if fate is worth the price of what could have been.

She wonders until the day she finds the spell in her Book of Shadows, A Charm To Release The Soul…and moves on to the next step: choosing.

Muse: Cassie Blake
Fandom: The Secret Circle Trilogy
Words: 305
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